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Digital Education

The role of education is to inspire. It should help students recognize their uniqueness and overcome difficulties so that they can fulfill their own potential. It should foster critical thinking and creativity. It should empower students to develop the skills needed in today’s world. Somewhat new in this picture, is the rapid and constant technological development that creates both great opportunities and challenges for schools and for the whole system.

This understanding is crucial for the implementation of any changes as education is very delicate area with no place for lighthearted experimentation. There are no quick fixes and education is much localized. What is inevitable in the near future, though, is the increasing role of technology in education. When implemented in an effective manner, technology can positively impact learning and teaching process.

About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is specializing in digital educational solutions for school chains, publishing houses and public sector. The group consists of two companies:

  • PT. Nusantara Encephal Learning, founded in 2011 – an educational software reseller, partnering with Pearson and Waterford
  • PT. Mustika Pinnacle Digital, founded in 2015 – providing tailor-made digital educational solutions built around contents and delivery platforms, partnering with Young Digital Planet, a subsidiary of Sanoma, Finland

Our Vision:

  • To achieve equal opportunity education for all students in Indonesia by utilizing technology in teaching and learning

Our Mission:

  • To promote the use of Information Technology in improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
    To make quality learning material accessible to all students in Indonesia

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