In cooperation with Pearson, world’s largest education company, and Waterford, world’s leading early childhood technology company, we offer the widest selection of English language learning products in Indonesia.

Our Products

On every project, we have a sole mission and that is to deliver learning progress and improvement for the learners. To achieve that, we have put in place education services in the area of academic and technical to help our clients in smooth and effective implementation of our digital learning products.

English Language and Literacy

Make your English lessons richer and more engaging

Automated Assessments

Quick, accurate and cost-effective method to assess

International Exam Preparation

Prepare your TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS anytime, anywhere

English Language & Literacy Products

An adaptive and engaging way to develop foundation of Reading for Kindergarten students

A continuously adaptive Reading intervention software for grade 1-6 students

A English learning software for grade 1-12 learners designed for computer labs

A self-learning tool for adult English learner that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

A fully automated online literacy tool for building writing skills in grade 4-12

A linear and standalone online course for young adults to develop reading skills and strategies

A linear and standalone online course for young adults to develop writing and composition skills

Automated Assessments

A fully online, automated and institutionally administered progress test in terms to CEFR and GSE scaling and highlighting strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching.
An automated proficiency test to evaluate the 4-skills of English or specifically on spoken or writing skills

International Exam Preparation

International Exam Preparation

An online complete practice for the TOEFL iBT, TOEIC and IELTS exams to be used as enrichment to face-to-face preparation courses

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